Get QX

Frequently Asked Questions

Why bet to not win money?

To not lose money. Seriously, athletes practice and it doesn't count but it makes them better. Predicting outcomes is fun. When you have something on the line, even if it is pretend money, you tend to enjoy the game more. Instead of seeing who won, betting helps to explore why they won or lost.

Sports opinions are a lot of hot takes and hot air. Betting lines bring clarity - the truth of who is better. Outcomes prove who is right.

It doesn't take money to get smarter.

Why the stock market?

When I released a previous version of the buying sports teams feature, I realized few people have actually bought individual stock. As important as the stock market is, it is inaccessible to many.

I wanted to make the easiest way to simulate buying stock for selfish reasons yes - I want you to use my app. However, if I can empower one person to take charge of their financial future by helping them learn the stock market, the sacrifice it took to make Get QX will be worth it.

Buying players is kind of distasteful, no?

Yeah, it kind of is. Seeing a buy button next to LeBron James doesn't sit right. Changing the button to 'Pick' conjures the same imagery.

I assure you, there is no ill intent.

What's the business model?

Small, tasteful ads in the app for free users, and an option to disable the ads with an inexpensive annual subscription.

Your personal data isn’t shared with anyone, even through the ads. Again, see the Privacy Policy. I’ve kept it short and clear so it’s easy to read.

I've shamelessly stole Marco Arment's business model and copy; if more developers would, the internet would be less creepy.

Who are you?

I'm Ray Traylor, I bet you could have guessed I love sports, the stock market, and helping people make money.

I hope you have as much fun using Get QX as I do making it!