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Get QX

Sports Betting

With sports betting legal in the United States, many are eager to wager games. That's great, sports betting is fun! Know what isn't fun? Losing money.

With GetQX you can pick real games, with real lines, but with fake money. Now you can learn, try new strategies, or pick games for entertainment.

Stock Market

Sports betting is gambling and the stock market is investing right? Not necessarily. You can gamble with stocks or invest in teams.

Get QX allows you to simulate buying real stock at real prices. Getting better with stocks will make you a better bettor and vice versa.


Ever heard of Waiters Island or Kobe Stans? Perhaps something like "I'm buying all of Greek Freak's stock" or "I give up, finally selling my Eli stock."

It's simple, buy stock in players you believe in and short the overhyped and overrated. When players do well and fellow Get QXers buy, the price goes up. But watch out because father time and rabid fans are undefeated.


Green Bay Packers fans can buy stock in their team but what about the rest of us? Get QX allows you to buy fake stock in teams.

Imagine buying the Lakers before LeBron came - the price would go up!

Now picture shorting the Lakers before his first year became a disaster - you'd win as they lost.


Get QX is free, supported by tasteful ads and an optional subscription to remove them.

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